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Lockdown 3.1

By Alison Matthews Cusop

Tuesday, 5 January 2021


Website Administrator


Do you like the way I hedged my bets by calling it Lockdown 3.1? At the speed they keep changing their minds I thought this was the safest option! And what about the new, funky picture of the virus - didn’t expect that did you?

So here we are again - sometimes I wonder if it's worth my while updating the Official Restrictions page. But I have, and the key rules are there but here they are for those of you for whom that is a step too far:

The new rules

  • Stay at home - only leave for work, essential shopping, exercise or medical appointments.
  • Support bubbles are still allowed and are treated as if a single household.
  • No household mixing is allowed indoors or outdoors.
  • Exercise is allowed once a day in your local area,
    • with members of your household or
    • one person may exercise with one person from another household.
  • Schools to be closed except for vulnerable children and those of support workers.
  • All non-essential shops, leisure & entertainment venues must be closed.
  • hairdressers, nail bars and beauty salons must close.
  • All pubs, cafes and restaurants must close but can continue to do takeaway and delivery.
  • Businesses that can remain open include:
    • supermarkets, food shops, pharmacies
    • garden centres and builders' merchants & suppliers
    • churches
    • petrol stations and car & bike repair services
    • banks & post offices
    • Doctor, dentists and vets
    • car parks, public toilets and playgrounds

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