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Church News & Events


We’re delighted to hear that the Revd Luci Morriss has been appointed as our new Rural Pioneer Priest. Luci and her husband will be living at The Rectory and we look forward to welcoming them into the Cusop community.

Unfortunately, we had to cancel our Communion Service on 18th March due to heavy snowfall in the night (the fourth occurrence of snow this winter). Revd Sally phoned early in the morning to apologise, saying that she would not be able to drive over to Cusop. I reassured Sally saying that the steep hill up to church was impassable. Soon after, I struggled up to church in my wellies to turn off the heating!

Luckily, the snow had melted in time for our Coffee Morning the following Saturday. Thanks mainly to Cherry’s fabulous signposts, it was a very successful event and we even welcomed visitors who had spotted the signs when driving into Hay. There was a bustling, friendly atmosphere and, at one stage, we ran out of tables and chairs! It was a happy and friendly occasion raising £208.55 for the Friends of St Mary’s Fund. Thank you everyone who helped and supported this event.This was a busy weekend as we had God’s Acre on Friday, the Coffee Morning on Saturday and our last Tea at Three on Sunday!

We’re grateful to Bishop Michael Westall for leading our Communion Service on Easter Day and thank you, Janet Gilbert, for playing the organ. The following Sunday, John Winter returned from Australia and led a lovely service which was appreciated by a good-sized congregation. We’re so pleased with the numbers attending our regular services which have significantly increased during the past year. If anyone would like help with transport to a church service then please contact me (Celia - 01497-8203960). We have very willing and kind people who would love to help!


Tea at Three

“Tea at Three” was an entirely new venture. It was a simple recipe; pop down to the Village Hall on a wintry afternoon, enjoy a warm, friendly atmosphere, a cup of tea, a biscuit (occasionally cake) and a conversation. It worked! People met new neighbours and renewed old friendships. “Tea at Three” is taking a break until 28th October when the clocks change. We look forward to seeing you then.

Cusop Churchyard

A very big thank you to all our loyal and hard-working volunteers who came to our Taskforce Day in March. The good news is that we tidied up the graves, collected all the dead wood and fallen branches in the churchyard and gave the Bee and Butterfly Garden some much needed TLC. The bad news is that we filled ten bin bags of oasis and plastic! All these ten bags had to be put into landfill. Much of this was from Christmas wreaths. However, some graves had lovely wreaths made from wire, moss and holly. The wire can be recycled and the moss and holly can go on the compost heap. When you next buy a wreath, please choose one without plastic and oasis. We do try to be an eco-church and churchyard. We are stewards for God’s world and want to protect nature as much as possible. Please be kind to our beautiful churchyard – thank you!


Saturday 30th June: Jemima Phillips playing at Cusop Church

Not to be missed! The Royal Harpist, Jemima Phillips, winner of numerous awards and accolades and one of the outstanding harpists of her generation, will be performing at Cusop Church at 7.00pm on Saturday 30th June.

Tickets: £15 including wine and canapes. Please visit www.hhct.co.uk or contact celiacundale @aol.com (01497-820396).


Church Book Stall

The book stall is proving a huge success and is providing our local community and visitors with a fantastic range of books. I’m regularly updating it and it’s evident that people are regularly buying books and this is providing a steady flow of cash in the donation box. There have been numerous anonymous donations of books left up at the church and on my doorstep. Whoever you are – thank you! It’s greatly appreciated and the book stall is another way of sharing the church building with the community. We often have visitors who just like to sit and enjoy the stillness and tranquillity inside the church and I like to think that the book stall is an extension of this peacefulness.  There have been several occasions when I have arrived at church and found someone sitting in a pew quietly reading a book from the book stall.

Flowers in Cusop Churchyard

According to Diocesan regulations, please note the following:

Fresh flowers are encouraged as the symbol of the gift of creation and the brevity of life.  Artificial flowers, e.g. silk or plastic flowers, are inappropriate.  Exceptionally, Remembrance Day poppies and Christmas wreaths may be placed on graves. After one month, the PCC may remove dead and artificial flowers to keep the graveyard tidy.

Thank you for helping to keep our churchyard beautiful and for being kind to nature.

For any further information about church activities  please contact the Churchwarden, Celia Cundale at celiacundale@aol.com or phone 01497-820396.

Neighbours socialising at our Community Picnic. Neighbours socialising at our Community Picnic.
Taking part in the Treasure Hunt at our Community Picnic. Taking part in the Treasure Hunt at our Community Picnic.
Taking a rubbing of a headstone at our Community Picnic. Taking a rubbing of a headstone at our Community Picnic.
Our Caring for God's Acre volunteers having lunch. Our Caring for God's Acre volunteers having lunch.
The rare Earthstar fungus found in Cusop Churchyard! The rare Earthstar fungus found in Cusop Churchyard!
The meadow area with wild flowers The meadow area with wild flowers
A re-discovered memorial A re-discovered memorial