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Church News & Events

A Happy New Year to all our Readers!

The church was packed for the performance of “War and Pieces” and it was a truly memorable evening. Thank you so much, Sue and Keith, for all your hard work in organising such a successful and meaningful event. Sue had written the script and we were all taken back to 1914 and the experiences of those living in Cusop and Hay, as well as those brave souls fighting on the front. Sue had cleverly combined extracts from parish magazines and newspapers and, most poignant of all, Johnny Cartwright read the poems written by his great-uncle, Lieutenant EP St George Cartwright, found after he had died on the battlefield. Thank you everybody who took part in the production and everyone who supported this very special event which also raised £325.50 for the Friends of St Mary’s.

Our “Tea at Three” at the beginning of December was a great success! When we arrived at the Village Hall, there was already a festive atmosphere with fabulous bunting and a very pretty Christmas tree. The room was soon buzzing with conversation and there was a lovely sociable atmosphere. Thank you, Heather for leading the impromptu singing of “Away in a Manger” and “Silent Night”. It really put us in a Christmassy mood. Heather had also organised one of her famous “free raffles” which are always great fun.

We look forward to seeing everyone again on Sunday 6th January at 3.00pm. We’re delighted that Revd Luci Morriss will be joining us so this will be an opportunity for everyone to “Meet the Vicar” in a relaxed atmosphere.

On Sunday 27th January, Val Whiston has very kindly offered to play the keyboard and lead us in a Sing-a-Long. Last year, this was tremendous fun so make sure you don’t miss it. All ages welcome and it’s free!

News and Announcements

If you have any “news” that you would like to share, then please do contact Celia, your Cusop Correspondent. We are a growing community and especially like to share good news including weddings, births, your achievements and those of your relations and friends.

Developing Links with Local Schools

We were delighted to welcome the children from Hay School and Trewern Outdoor Centre and we hope we can further develop these links.

On a beautiful sunny day in November, Years 3 and 4 (about 60 children) from Hay Primary School and their teachers excitedly walked across the fields and visited Cusop Church to see the poppies they had made which formed part of the Poppy Display. As well as looking at the display, we had a lively discussion about WW1.The children knew all sorts of interesting facts and some described relatives that had fought in the war. The children didn’t know that each soldier was given a copy of St. John’s Gospel to fit in a pocket of his uniform. This became quite a talking point and so their teacher was given a copy to take back to school. We’ve invited the children to visit again in the summer months and we greatly look forward to seeing them.

In the same week, the children and staff from Trewern also visited Cusop Church and their teacher wrote, “I wanted to convey our thanks for the treasure hunts at the church. We used them this week and also visited the church to see the poppy display. The visiting staff and students really enjoyed this and felt it was a lovely addition to the week here. So thank you very much again.”

Poppy Display

Literally, hundreds of people have visited the Poppy Display at Cusop Church and many have written thoughtful and positive comments in our Visitors’ Book. Numerous cups of tea have been consumed and large numbers of books and leaflets have also been sold. In fact, the display has been a resounding success! It has attracted visitors who would not otherwise have come through our church door so we’re extremely grateful to Penny and all her “poppy–makers” for what they have achieved. Also, our thanks to Cherry for arranging a visit from the “Brecon and Radnor Express” which resulted in fabulous photographs and an article in the newspaper. At the last Cusop PCC meeting, it was decided that the Poppy Display should remain until Lent for all to visit and enjoy.

Thank you for our New Footpath!

We now have a fantastic new footpath leading from the vestry to the toilet which means we’ll no longer have wet and muddy feet! This is all thanks to hard working volunteers - Nick, Steve, Keith and John (Hanson). Thank you all for coming up in such cold weather and doing such an amazing job!  Also, thank you to the Gilbert family for so kindly lending their machinery. Finally, a special thank you to Nick for co-ordinating the project so efficiently.

Churchyard Flowers and Christmas Wreaths

As you know, we no longer allow artificial flowers in the churchyard, “Fresh flowers are encouraged as the symbol of the gift of creation and the brevity of life.  Artificial flowers, e.g. silk or plastic flowers, are inappropriate”. (Diocesan churchyard regulations)  It’s wonderful how everyone has taken this on board and the PCC would like to sincerely thank you for this.

Last year, our Taskforce Team filled TEN black bin bags with Christmas wreaths made from oasis! All these bags had to be put in landfill which was very upsetting for the PCC and our churchyard volunteers. Therefore, we are now asking if you can please purchase or make wreaths that do not contain oasis or place a spray of Christmas flowers on your loved one’s grave as an alternative. These flowers can then be put on the compost heap after Christmas and we will not be adding to landfill.

Thank you for helping to keep our churchyard beautiful and for being kind to nature.


Church Book Stall

The book stall is proving a huge success and is providing our local community and visitors with a fantastic range of books. I’m regularly updating it and it’s evident that people are regularly buying books and this is providing a steady flow of cash in the donation box. There have been numerous anonymous donations of books left up at the church and on my doorstep. Whoever you are – thank you! It’s greatly appreciated and the book stall is another way of sharing the church building with the community. We often have visitors who just like to sit and enjoy the stillness and tranquillity inside the church and I like to think that the book stall is an extension of this peacefulness.  There have been several occasions when I have arrived at church and found someone sitting in a pew quietly reading a book from the book stall.

For any further information about church activities  please contact the Churchwarden, Celia Cundale at celiacundale@aol.com or phone 01497-820396.

Poppy display approaching altar. Poppy display approaching altar.
More beautiful handmade poppies! More beautiful handmade poppies!
Poppies made from fabric. Poppies made from fabric.
Jemima Phillips, Royal Harpist, performing at Cusop Church. Jemima Phillips, Royal Harpist, performing at Cusop Church.
A wonderful evening's entertainment! A wonderful evening's entertainment!
Thanksgiving Tree with over a hundred messages. Thanksgiving Tree with over a hundred messages.
Taking a rubbing at our Annual Community Picnic. Taking a rubbing at our Annual Community Picnic.