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We’re very grateful to all who have so generously donated. Everyone is aware of how the pandemic has been a financial disaster for many families and, sadly, they will be struggling for some time to come. We are delighted that we now have thirteen volunteers willing to transport our donations to Dorstone so please make it worth their while and continue to donate grocery items and toiletries. As an Eco Church, we are asking you to try to donate healthy food and items that have recyclable packaging. Collections at Cusop Village Hall are every Wednesday morning and every little bit helps. Thank You.

If you want to find out more about Hereford Food Bank, here's a short video.

To be kept in touch with what’s happening across the Abbeydore Deanery, by email or post, please contact Anne Lloyd, 07432 873422.

 Revd Luci Morriss: 01497 821877
Revd Jane Rogers: 01981 500478