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About planning applications

Planning applications in Cusop are decided by Herefordshire Council. Everyone has a right to submit comments about an application to the Council. After it receives and validates an application the Council allows a period, usually four weeks, for members of the public to submit comments, but locally the only way it publicises this is by putting up a small notice near the application site.

Herefordshire Council must take account of comments received when it makes a decision, but this does not necessarily mean accepting them: the Council is supposed to decide applications on their merits, and only certain matters, "material considerations", are legally relevant. Because of this it matters what kind of arguments and information go into comments. You can find lots of advice about this by 'googling' on the internet. Two useful websites are Planning Aid (provided by the RTPI) and Planning Help (from CPRE).

Comments do not just mean objections: it can be just as important to submit a comment if you support an application, or would just like to see it improved or altered in some way.

Cusop Parish Council also submits comments to Herefordshire Council after considering applications at its meetings. The councillors welcome members of the public attending these meetings and offering views and information to help them judge the applications, but it is important to remember that a parish council is supposed to base its conclusions on the overall community interest. Also, its comment will be treated on its merits by Herefordshire Council like any other comment from the public. So speaking to the Parish Council is not a substitute for making your own comment to Herefordshire Council.